The mission of “National Crime Research Intelligence Bureau” is to build a multidisciplinary community engaged in the study and practice of human rights and justice that promotes the economic and political enfranchisement of each and every human being both locally and globally and further to ensure that Justice is delivered to any body and everybody in its right spirit and within adequate time.

It is a unique of its kind human rights center in the country that is truly interdisciplinary. Lawyers, law-students work side-by-side with scholars and practitioners across disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, government, public policy, the fine arts and in any every such field wherever humanity has a chance of loosing its dignity. The Center’s motto is “Partners for Change at the Intersection of Academics and Advocacy,” representing its mission and unique position as an academic center that not only works across disciplines, but also collaborates with the communities outside the academy to affect innovative, enduring change in the lives of each and every effected individual, group, cast, creed, religion or any other group of any nature whatsoever.