NCRIB Divisions

1. Public Grievance redressal Service
2. Crime & Corruption Investigation

3. Crime Investigation & Research Services

4. Security and Intelligence Services
5. Media Information

6. Education & Training of Law Civil Defense, Martial Art and Journalism

7. Journalist Defense Services

8. Child Related Issues.

9. Human Right protection Organization.

10. Right to Information (RTI) Division

11. To protect potential victims from cybercrimes. 12. Strong & safe Women are pillar to the Formidable and Integral Strength of a Nation

13. To protect information and Cyber Harassment in cyberspace.

14. Build capabilities to prevent and respond to cyber threats.

How NCRIB Works

NCRIB first investigates/probes the Complaint/ problem of crime corruption / injustice impartially and reaches the truth. Then, without any delay, it informs the same to the President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, Chief Minister, Governor’s, DGP and other concerned Police / Civil / Judicial grievances by drawing Government’s attention towards behind this is effective redressal of public grievances by drawing Government’s attention towards the concerned problem. 



We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.